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Hello my name is Dave and welcome to my personal website. I built this website for 2 reasons:

  • As an IT professional this is a personal project to have my own website built entirely from the ground up by myself
  • As a Sports, Fitness and Nutrition fanatic, somewhere I can post my opinions on training and nutrition

So Why?
There is a whole wealth of information available out there on the internet about sports training, gym training, nutrition, dieting etc... Now even though there is a lot of good information, there is also a huge amount of false truths knocking around, and my issue with this is that a lot of people I know are sorely mislead when it comes to training and nutrition.

I'm not trying to be popular or make money here: I'm not selling magazines or equipment or supplements. I'm not claiming to be an expert on the subjects covered, but what I am doing is giving an honest take on the training and nutrition techniques that I think are relevant today. If just one person finds this site helpful then that for me is a success.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy reading.


PS: If you have any comments, questions or things you would like to see covered on the site, then please send an email to contact_us@davejt.com