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Written by: | 28 February 2015

Are you struggling to see progress at the gym? Can't work out why your not getting results? When this starts to happen over a period of time a lot of people will quit, give up, or switch their sessions around so much that progress simply stagnates even more.

So what can we do to address this? Well for me there are 2 things everyone should be doing:

  1. Measure volume
  2. Plan to increase volume every session

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Written by: | 17 January 2015

Yesterday I tweeted a link to explain the importance of setting “SMART” goals.

So you've probably set some new year resolutions, but as we all know, sticking with them is usually the tough part! But why? Probably because your goals are not "SMART".

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Written by: | 25 December 2013

TUT: Time Under Tension is the measure of time a muscle resists weight during an exercise. E.g. If you press a weight for 3 seconds and lower the weight for 2 seconds then the TUT for a rep is 5 seconds, if you do 10 reps then that's 50 seconds of resistance.
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Written by: | 18 November 2013

You wouldn't say that to somebody, likewise you wouldn' say "You're so carbohydrate", so why does it make sense to say "you're so fat"?

Well quite simply, unlike "protein" and "carbohydrate", the word "fat" has 2 meanings:

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Written by: | 29 September 2013

Everyone loves smoothies, and in the past couple of years they've appeared to become more and more popular. Smoothies are big business today, and there is lots of choice for you out there in supermarkets and health stores. And guess what… smoothies are healthy right!!??

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