2012 success or failure?

31 December 2012
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So with 2012 drawing to a close how would you rate you year? Did you meet all of your goals? Did you stick with the new year resolutions you set almost a year ago? What will you do differently next year? Here is my story...

My Success...

For me 2012 can be looked upon as a success for many different reasons, but in terms of sport, fitness and health it is just that,a success.

At the start of the year my aims were to read more books, to stay fit, play a full season of cricket and prove to myself that I could get back to a decent level.


And I did all of this! However it wasn't all pain sailing. An injury hit 4 years kept me out of the sport I love, and with all my attentions kept on staying fit and strong I had misjudged the amount of work it would take to be any good at this great game again.

For those that don't know, in cricket terms I am a bowler, one who was used to opening the bowling at all levels I'd previously played, with a fair medium pace and an ability to swing the ball with decent control.

So now I was properly fit and having played the game all my life I turned up to winter nets keen to pick up where I'd left off way back in September 2007. Just run up and do what I always used to do... OH BUT WAIT! Something was wrong, the ball didn't go anywhere where it was meant to, in fact the batsman at the other end would be lucky to hit it such was the lack of quality. I toiled away each week, sometimes I'd feel great and go home happy that 'it was coming back', other weeks I struggled, and struggled hard. I struggled through most of the season, my fielding was good and batting ok I guess (for a bowler), but I just could not find any consistency with my bowling. Up and down the teams each week, 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and picked but due to rain never played for the 5ths, why wouldn't it come back?

Despite the constant rain, the season was in full flow and August was fast approaching. The time spent at training and the couple of extra sessions I could shoot in just bowling and bowling were starting to pay off. My performances with the ball started picking up, still not where it was but hey progress is progress! I finished the season fairly content and with 2013 winter nets around the corner hopefully I can pick up where I left off this year and have acc even better year.

What I learnt from all this is that after a long time out it takes a lot of work to overcome an injury but even more to get back into sport. But hard work does and will pay off.

Fitness and nutrition

OK so I haven't blogged much this year, and that's something I will address in the new year. But I have been reading a lot of good books on training, health and nutrition, and I will be putting some short reviews of these books on my site very soon, so until then happy new year!

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