32 Fitness Tips to get your health and fitness moving in the right direction

23 February 2013
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Throughout January this year I posted daily fitness tips. Here are the complete 32 tips in one place (okay so I must have done 2 one day!).

  1. Don't get drawn into fad dieting, if it seems too good to be true it probably is!
  2. Prevent yoyo dieting and make lifestyle changes one at a time.
  3. Lower your sugar intake!!! "Carbs of which sugar" are sugar so avoid these.
  4. Avoid steady state cardio e.g. jogging. The results you want are achievable by lifting heavy weights. I wrote a post on this a few weeks back - check it out here To run or not to run
  5. ROM = Range Of Motion. Always perform your exercises with a full ROM, if that means lowering the weight then that's fine, lifting heavy weights with poor form is dangerous, all you're training is your ego. Leave your ego at home when you go to the gym.
  6. Salt in its purest form is good for the body. Replace your white salt with Celtic Sea Salt (yes its meant to be grey).
  7. Mmmm bacon butties... bacon is full of protein and fats your body needs. So have it for breakfast every now and then.
  8. Post Workout Nutrition is important. Combination of protein and simple carbs will do the trick to start recovery.
  9. Vary your training to ensure you adapt well in your sport... Brendan Chaplin explains.
  10. If you’re looking to get fit, find an activity you enjoy, your more likely to stick with it and get real results.
  11. A lot of ppl have an intolerance to wheat so cut down on the amount of bread you eat and see the health benefits.
  12. Try HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. 10 to 15 minutes of HIIT beats hours on the treadmill.
  13. For weight loss or weight gain get your macronutrient balance right: calories in, calories out.
  14. WRITE IT DOWN!! Invest in a pen and notebook and keep a track of all your exercise sessions: The importance of tracking.
  15. Change your lifestyle for long term results. Check out this by @rm_fitness and train yourself lean.
  16. Steaming is the best way to cook your veg, as you keep more vitamins and minerals in the food this way.
  17. Don't stick to the same routine forever, your body gets used to it and performance plateaus. Switch it up every 4-6 weeks.
  18. Be efficient at the gym, 40 minute session is plenty, and probably pay enough for it so don't waste your time chatting!
  19. Sleep... get a good 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night. It's your body's chance to rest, recover and build muscle.
  20. Eat protein with every meal, get your protein from a wide variety of food to ensure you get a good intake of amino acids.
  21. Take a watch to the gym, try keeping your rest between sets to about 60 seconds to put your body into fat loss overdrive.
  22. Go hard or go home, heavy weight training has a longer effect on your body then cardio does.
  23. If you can't get to a gym/short on time, then bodyweight circuits can be done in 20 mins from home, check out this sample 20 minute circuit.
  24. Drink lots of water to maintain your fluid levels, add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to ensure maximum absorption.
  25. Get your postworkout nutrition right with whey protein, @CharlesPoliquin explains why: Tips to avoid pitfalls to post workout nutrition.
  26. Eat breakfast everyday, ditch the cereal and get good fats and protein in your meal for fat loss: Breakfast the most important meal of the day.
  27. Quality over Quantity. Exercise with good form before you exercise with heavy weights or at top speed.
  28. Not sure how to do an exercise? Then check out EliteFTS - they have a huge library of videos here: Elite FTS Exercises.
  29. Chew slower and enjoy your food. Eating slower improves digestion enabling your body to make better use of the nutrition.
  30. BODYWEIGHT exercises can be all you need! Check this out... 44 Bodyweight Exercises.
  31. It's not just about what you do at the gym, it's about the other 23 hours of the day. Eat well, sleep well, get results.
  32. Getting fit & healthy can be hard, don't give up at first hurdle. Make small changes over time you will see the benefits.

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