Feeling thirsty? You're probably already dehydrated

11 July 2011
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With summer here (in the UK), staying hydrated becomes more and more important than ever!

Most forms of exercise and sport make you sweat: sweating is the body's way of keeping you cool as your temperature increases. And during summer even when you stop or pause for rest you continue to sweat in the heat.

So with all this loss of water and salts it is essential that you are hydrated before you start, throughout and after your session or match. If you rely on "being thirsty" to tell you when to drink then you're going to be behind the game! There is a clear time lag between your body becoming dehydrated and you knowing about it by feeling thirsty, so don't let your performance be hindered by lack of hydration and follow these steps:

  1. Hydrate well 24 hours before
  2. Hydrate during to top up your tank (where possible)
  3. Hydrate after to replace fluids lost

What should I drink???

Replacing water lost just with water isn't good enough, find a good energy drink with electrolytes (to replenish your salt levels) and some sugars (simple carbohydrates) which will help the absorption of the water into the gut and prevent it from passing straight through your system without having any kind of effect but to make you go the toilet more!

So there you go, Hydrate before, Stay Hydrated during and Re-Hydrate after exercise to keep your performance on track this summer.

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