MYTH: 'Too many eggs will give you bad cholesterol'

20 June 2011
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I am constantly surprised that I still hear people saying “you shouldn’t eat too many eggs, they’re bad for your heart” or “don’t eat more than 3 eggs a week” or “eggs give you high cholesterol”. Research has proven that eating less eggs has little to no effect on lowering cholesterol levels, it was even in the news 2 years ago!

So why do we still think this way?

Probably because it wasn’t front page news that eggs were actually good for you. Probably because mainstream health magazines everywhere, for years, were preaching that too many eggs were bad for you, and even today you can read articles from these “so-called” experts saying they eat egg whites only: because the yolk will increase cholesterol. While they do have a point, eating eggs does increase cholesterol, they always seem to omit the detail...

Cholesterol comes in 2 types:

  1. HDL – high density lipoprotein: GOOD CHOLESTEROL a protective type
  2. LDL – low density lipoprotein: BAD CHOLESTEROL a harmful type

Yes you read it right – good and bad cholesterol. Eating whole eggs increases good cholesterol (HDL) which in turn will help lower your levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). So get rid of the old myth that you shouldn’t eat too many eggs, and crack on with those omelettes!

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