The Importance of continuing rehab

10 December 2011
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Been injured recently?

If you, like me, have started to return to a sport following an injury: then stop for a moment, help yourself out and make sure you're doing the following:

  • Make a phased return: start with sport like movements, then light training sessions moving into full training sessions, play part of a game before playing a full match

  • Don't play again until you've no pain: I played 5-a-side football on Monday night, the next day my ankle was sore and it has taken 4/5 days to be pain free. Over time if things are going well this recovery time will reduce

  • CONTINUE REHAB: I can't stress this enough! Continue, indefinitely, the rehab exercises you were doing to overcome the injury. These exercises should form the base of a prehab routine that you should continually develop to prevent future injuries

So there you go: 3 simple tips to keep in mind when you're returning to sport from injury. I know I'll be using them in the months to come!

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