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17 July 2011
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Working out at the gym and find yourself wondering what you were lifting last week?

Then there is just one thing for it....

Invest in a PEN and a NOTEPAD!

I've trained with a lot of people, most of them would not record anything they've done in the gym, and would always find themselves trying to figure out what weight they can lift or start on: by picking one up, doing a few reps then swapping it over etc etc... The side effects of this are mainly:

  • Time Wasting: you waste too much time working out what weight to lift instead of working out
  • Performance Damaging: due to the time you waste you are actually restraining the gains you could get from your session
  • Annoying everybody else!

You don't necessarily have to plan your session before you go, although this always helps, but if you're serious about achieving your goals then you should really be recording what you're doing. Just writing down what you have done takes seconds, and then when you're wondering what weight you can lift all you have to do is look back on the last time you did the exercise and use that as your starting point, SIMPLE!

Another big advantage of recording your sessions is motivation. Do you find yourself thinking that you're not making progress? Then having what you've done written down will help. You'll be able to see evidence of your gains, and by using the log to guide your next session you'll be keeping yourself motivated and your workouts on track!

So go invest in a pen/pencil and a notepad and start recording your gym sessions NOW!

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