The Road to Recovery... Part 3: The Op

17 November 2011
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It’s now coming up to the end of the 4th week of my 6 week plan to get myself back playing football since my ankle surgery earlier this year. I was bit ill with a cold and cough over week 3 so training has been tougher these last 2 weeks. Although I have done all my gym sessions and 2 speed sessions: so things are going well, and I’m looking to kick on this week!

In my last post Road to Recovery: Part 2 I told the tale of the diagnosis of my ankle injury, I had been told surgery was the only way forward if I wanted to play sport again. I decided to go for the surgery: so my story continues at 6:30am on a March morning...

I arrived at the hospital feeling a bit nervous but eager to get it going. This was the 5th hospital I had been to! I could only hope it was going to be the last. My operation would last a couple of hours, so fortunately I got scheduled in to be one of the first of the day. I got took down to get prepped for theatre: “count down from 10” I was told... “ten, nine, eight, sev...” I was out.

I came to and was told the operation had been a success! In fact the damage wasn’t as bad as suspected so they only drilled a few holes into my bone. This meant that rather than spending the next 6 weeks hopping around, I would be able to apply small pressure to it almost immediately, great news I thought!

A physiotherapist came round to show me how to walk up and down the stairs: this was a bit of a struggle as I was nervous about knocking the operated ankle, but to be honest at this point there wasn’t much pain! Although I guess I was high as a kite on the concoction of anaesthetic and pain killers they had me on! I got to go home late afternoon.

I returned to the hospital 2 weeks after the operation to start physio. My physiotherapist was great: very detailed and enthusiastic (2 things my last one wasn’t!). Physio progressed nicely week by week through the usual phases:

  • Range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Strengthening
  • Movement
  • Impact work
  • Movement & Impact work (change of direction)
  • Sport like movements

My recovery was going well, the ankle was healing, the pain was getting less frequent and I was feeling good! I was signed off by the surgeons who said as far as they were concerned the operation was a success: the cartilage had filled in nicely. A few weeks later I was signed off by the physiotherapist: things were looking up...

Towards the end of the summer I even got a few games of cricket in: helping out Didsbury 3rds and 4ths when they were short a few players. It was great to be back out being involved in a sport I love (even if I was limited to fielding and a bit of batting).

Once the season was over and without the guidance and structure that my physio provided me I got lazy, I had nothing to really aim for. I knew I wanted to start playing football again but I’d missed the start of the new season by a mile! This “lazy” phase went on for about a month, I was going to the gym but there was no structure, no aim, no plan.

So 4 weeks ago I put together a 6 week plan, with the aim of getting back to playing football. I’m 4 weeks into the plan and things are progressing nicely. Stay tuned for my next post where I will reveal what I’ve been doing for the last 4 weeks...

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