Top 10 tips to help you burn fat

11 June 2011
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With the summer holidays coming up and everyone wanting to look good on the beach here is a look back on my 10 top tips for fat loss that were tweeted in January:

  1. Lower your sugar intake
  2. Check food labels "carbs (of which sugar)", if this is low then it’s a good sign
  3. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you start feeling thirsty then it’s a good sign that you are dehydrated
  4. Eat more complex carbs and less simple carbs
  5. For the average Joe it takes around 20-30 minutes of constant steady-state-cardio before you start burning fat
  6. 15 minutes of weight training before steady state cardio will help you burn fat quicker
  7. Aim to lose 1-2lb per week, losing a lot of weight in a week puts unnecessary stress on your body
  8. Vitamin D is the one vitamin you want to make sure you get enough of, it’s made when the body is exposed to sunlight, hence the UK population will generally suffer from low levels
  9. Make sure each meal is balanced, generally we don't eat enough protein so try to ensure all your meals contain protein
  10. Whilst fruit is high in vitamins and minerals, most contain a lot of sugar so try not to eat too much in one sitting

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Ash says...

14 June 2011

this is very handy information dave! i have a bikini to get into so should probably start using these top tips! :)

Linda says...

7 September 2011

it works! followed basics for 2 months and very impressed with results :) having been a gym freak for 10ish years, decided to give it a go - gutted took this long to realise what works - was worried if lifted a weight would be the new fatima whitbread (you may be too young to know who that is so perhaps venus williams better description) - however just toned up :)) if I lift the weights before my cardio - think you are onto something Dave - wasted doing what you do!